A diagram showing how Swiftaid works

A diagram showing how Swiftaid works

Automatic Gift Aid on contactless donations

Charities registered with Swiftaid automatically receive Gift Aid on contactless donations. Swiftaid takes care of all admin and GDPR requirements, including record keeping required by HMRC.

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Zero Admin

Once your charity is up and running, Swiftaid takes care of all admin. Including record keeping and auditing for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Keep track of Gift Aid

Log in to your Swiftaid account to keep track of all Gift Aid claims.

Donor privacy

Swiftaid doesn’t share personal information with charities in order to process Gift Aid so you won’t have to manage any additional data protection laws (GDPR). However, you will still be able to send personal thank you notes, news, and updates to donors via our email notifications.

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No fees

Swiftaid doesn’t charge fees for processing Gift Aid, the full +25% goes to your charity.